VHS Boiler Service Ltd of Salisbury

is Salisbury's leading service agent for many brands of gas and oil boilers, Alpha, Aga, Heritage and Sandyford Cookers. . Our gas and oil servicing includes

Maintaining and servcing oil, gas and fire appliances is very important to ensure your heating system is working efficiently and economically.

Oil, Gas and LG appliances are our speciality and Aga, Alpha, Heritage, Sandyford Gas are just a few brand names we service. VHS Boiler Service Ltd of Salisbury, Wiltshire will advise on all your boiler serving and maintenance requirements.

Maintaining, checking and servicing your oil or gas boiler

is VHS Boiler Service Ltd of Salisbury's core business and make sure your appliances and performing effectively and safely. We also test for efficiency and safety. In addition, we cover the following topics:
  1. Oil and Gas fired Aga cookers
  2. Oil and Gas fired Alpha cookers
  3. Gas fire and back boilers
  4. Sandyford cookers
  5. Sherlock fully condensing cookers
  6. Gas Landlord safety checks
  7. Power flushing and descaling
  8. Heritage Gas and Oil
  9. LPG appliances
Richard Varney of VHS Boiler Service of Salisbury has been in the business for 45 years and is proud of his company's service to over 2000 domestic and contract oil and cooker owners in Salisbury, Wiltshire and also Hampshire.
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vs-flame   Over 40 years experience
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Welcome to the online home of VHS Boiler Service Ltd. We are a boiler and cooker service company based out of Salisbury and have been of service to customers in Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset for nearly 40 years.

Proprietor Richard Varney and his team pride themselves on friendly and responsive service at extremely competitive rates, that keep customers coming back year after year.

Our range of services is extensive, covering:

vs-flame  Oil and gas boilers
vs-flame  Oil and Gas fired Aga cookers
vs-flame  Sandyford cookers
vs-flame  Sherlock fully condensing cookers
vs-flame  Flushing and efficiency testing
vs-flame  Safety checks to high regulation standards

We can offer a complete power flushing and descaling service to keep your system working efficiently.

We can offer you a no obligation quote now, so contact VHS Boiler Service Ltd today for more information.
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